Selecting the right people to paint your office building or commercial business is no easy task. Maybe you are getting ready to open. Perhaps you need to revamp your current workspace with a fresh coat of paint. You are looking for someone with professionalism. Someone who pays attention to detail and treats your property with […]

Regular roof maintenance can feel intimidating, meaning that many home and business owners put it off. This mistake allows any minor damage to exacerbate until you have to interrupt your work and life to deal with the issue. Upkeep and restoration on your roof are one of the most essential parts of maintaining the lifetime […]

We all want to be fiscally responsible people. Saving money, especially these days, is essential. So it comes as no surprise that more people are taking the responsibility of home projects into their own hands to try and cut costs. We applaud the initiative. However, there are certain maintenance and repair tasks that are better […]

Winter is just around the corner. The 2022 Farmer’s Almanac predicts a colder-than-average temperature across the US with “unseasonably cold and snowy” conditions in the Midwest. With that in mind, making sure your roof is properly winterized is essential to your family’s comfort and stability. Here are some steps you can take as a homeowner […]

Each type of roofing has its pros and cons. When looking at the kind of roofing materials you want for your structure, it’s important to research the benefits, potential issues, and cost-effectiveness before settling on a decision. Be sure to speak to roofing contractors near you to make the best possible choice for your needs. […]

What is a home without a roof? It keeps your family safe by offering protection from the elements and providing comfort every day. A well-maintained structure can give you years of security. But even with the best of care harsh weather and age can prove to have detrimental effects. Even minor damage left untreated can […]

2021 metal roofing price projections help contractors determine how to move forward with estimates and building projects as the year progresses. So far, the year has been quite unpredictable! Wagner is here to inform customers and contractors about what is currently happening within the steel industry. From steel supply, price fluctuation, and the consumer market, all your answers will be found here. Any other year, we wouldn’t have issues determining where the price of steel should fall month after month. Living through the pandemic for over a year makes determining 2021 metal roofing price projections more difficult than ever before. Here is what we know.