Commercial Painting for Your Business

Selecting the right people to paint your office building or commercial business is no easy task. Maybe you are getting ready to open. Perhaps you need to revamp your current workspace with a fresh coat of paint. You are looking for someone with professionalism. Someone who pays attention to detail and treats your property with respect. An ideal painting company will work with you and your business to ensure a professional, timely, and cost-effective service.

Shop Local

The are many benefits to selecting a local company for your commercial painting needs. For one, you can enjoy a more direct working relationship with someone from the area. A local shop often means a smooth line of communication in comparison to a national brand. You get a personal touch, with professionals who can visit you on-site and help troubleshoot any unforeseen complications as you move forward. Most importantly, you will feel more confident knowing that you helped to support the local economy.


Once you have selected the company you’d like to work with, next comes the initial assessment of your painting needs. The painting company will send someone to measure your business space so they can calculate not only the area but what it will take to make your vision come to life. If your commercial property is in need of repairs, those will need to be completed before the painting can begin. Things like damaged surfaces, difficult-to-access places, or specialized equipment will add to the overall cost of the job. Be aware that these tools are necessary for a quality paint project that suits your business.

A commercial painting company will want to factor in different needs like the quality of paint or specialized tools such as lifts or safety gear. Some paints have special qualities like waterproofing or mildew and algae resistance. Take into account what your commercial space needs before making a selection.

Working Hours

When hiring a commercial painting company it is important to consider the parameters of the job you want them to do. What time of year is it? When do you want the job to be completed? The answer to these questions plays a significant factor in the cost of your painting project. Hot summers, freezing winters, high humidity, and wet days can all have a big impact on getting the job done right. Professional painting companies have the tools and expertise to help mitigate the issue and provide your property with the best results for a long life. Painting your commercial property is a long-term investment, making it worthwhile to take their suggestions into account before you nail down a starting and finishing date.

Now that you better understand the scope of a commercial painting project, you can see why hiring professionals with years of experience is well worth the cost. You can trust Wagner to help you get the process started. Contact us now to begin discussing a fresh look for your company.