Holiday Decorations Tips to Keep Your Roof Safe

The holiday season is right around the corner. Soon we’ll all be going through our storage boxes and untangling the nest of Christmas lights to hang outside. Over 70% of people join in with this yearly tradition so you can look forward to that holiday glow all throughout the neighborhood. A lot of work and preparation goes into hanging lights and decorations around your house. Let’s take a moment to go over some tips and tricks before you get started.

Safety Tips

Always be sure to work with a partner who can help you out along the way. Not only will this make the job easier but you can rely on them as a helping hand if something goes wrong.

Check your wires before installation for exposed copper or broken bulbs. Light strands are cheap. Your home is not.

Heavy foot traffic can cause damage to your shingles and put your safety at risk. If you must walk on the roof, use soft sneakers and move carefully.

Do not overload your circuit to get your lights plugged in. Likewise, do not pull or stretch your light strands to make them meet the plug. Buy an outdoor extension cord instead.

Remove your lights promptly at the end of the season. The longer your lights remain in place the more likely they will cause damage.


Heavy decorations look great but can cause expensive damage to your roof.

First things first, take a moment to inspect your roof and gutters. Safety is key here, and you need to know your home can handle the additional strain of decorations and electrical wire. Clear debris from your roof and check to ensure it is structurally sound. Make sure that your shingles are properly installed and that nothing is loose or broken, especially if you plan on putting large decorations on your roof.

We all love the magic of seeing Santa’s sleigh up on the rooftop, but this seasonal decoration can have a negative impact on the life of your roof. Large, heavy, or anchored decorations can collect debris and water which seep in through cracked or broken shingles and cause water damage down the line. High winds or bad weather can tear up those inflatable decorations and take your protective shingles with them. DO NOT staple your decorations to the roof. Staples leave holes that allow moisture to sink in, causing future mold damage.

All in all, it’s best to leave heavy or inflatable decorations for the front law as opposed to risking the safety of your roof structure. The last thing anybody wants right before Christmas is to make costly repairs.


Check your lights and use clips when decorating your home.

Likewise, make sure your gutters are properly cleaned and secure before hanging any lights from them. Water and electricity do not mix, and you wouldn’t want to put your home at risk this holiday season. Look for areas that are wobbly, rusted, bent, or cracked. These indicate that your gutter isn’t stable enough and could put your home at risk.

Never use nails or staples when hanging lights from your roof. Metal conducts electricity and holes allow water into your roof structure. Use plastic clips to hold your lights display securely. Most clips secure easily to the eaves or gutters without causing any problems down the line. Do not simply pull on the cord in order to remove your lights after the holidays’ end. This can dislodge shingles and bend your gutter, causing expensive problems in the future. Remove these carefully when the time comes and help maintain the life of your roof.