Metal Roof Lifespan How to Preserve and Protect it.

Metal Roof Lifespan, How to Preserve and Protect it.

Regular maintenance to extend the metal roof lifespan

Regular maintenance is one of the key factors that play into the long life of a metal roof. Luckily, metal roofs don’t require much maintenance at all! Regular maintenance on a metal roof entails removing debris from the roof, annual rinsing, and deep cleaning every 2-3 years. Debris setting on the panels for a long period of time will age the roof prematurely. Removing debris as soon as you notice it is a part of regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of a metal roof.

Next, ensure you are rinsing down your metal roof with a garden hose at least once annually. Annual roof rinses will prevent mildew and mold buildup on the panels. Deep cleaning your roof every 2-3 years is a part of regular maintenance as well! Using an extremely mild solution, lightly wash away any buildup on the panels to contribute to ultimate longevity. Keeping up with regular maintenance is the first step to keep your metal roof in its top condition. Next comes scheduling regular roof inspections.

Regular roof inspections to extend the metal roof lifespan

Regular roof inspections should be done on your roof—no matter the material installed. Regular roof inspections will catch problems before they become out of hand and get worse. Professional roof inspectors are much better at catching issues that may not seem visible at first sight. Regular roof inspections by a professional will ensure everything is sealed correctly and fasteners are in place. Regular roof inspections will also ensure there is no deterioration in the panels. If the roof inspector does find a problem with a panel, it can be replaced if needed.

Proactive roof protection to extend the metal roof lifespan

Problems down the line are less likely to exist if the right precautions are taken. You can tend to your roof as much as you want, but you cannot always predict unforeseen damage. Proactive roof protection is something you can control, though! Proactive roof protection entails a variety of precautions. To begin, do not walk on your metal roof.  Walking on your roof can cause dents that can lead to further damage. Call a professional if you need assistance with your panels.

Another way to practice proactive roof protection is refraining from pressure washing your metal roof. High pressure can cause denting to the panels and chipping of the paint. Lastly, ensuring the trees are properly trimmed around the roof is proactive roof protection as well. When a tree has loose limbs, they could fall on the metal roof and damage the panels. Proactive roof protection is one of the controllable matters homeowners can practice to extend your metal roof lifespan to is full potential.