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Metal roofing misconceptions homeowners come up with could go and on forever! Of course, by all means, educate yourself on the roofing material you’re choosing for your home. You’re investing your hard-earned money into your roofing project. It’s normal to have apprehensions about a roofing material you’re unaware of. However, take whatever misconceptions of metal roofing you’ve had, and throw them away! Metal roofs are more sleek and innovative than ever. They aren’t the rusty tin roofs you see from the 60s anymore. With evolving science, testing, and alterations, metal roofs have transformed—for the better—over the years. Steel roofing has begun rising in popularity, but homeowners still have their misconceptions about the material.

Metal Roofing In the Winter-Wagner Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing In the Winter-Wagner Metal Roofing

1. Metal roofs make your home hot in the summer and cool in the winter

This is another Metal Roof misconception, they are poorly insulated and cannot maintain heating and cooling. Luckily, this is a myth! The misconception makes sense. Metal in general is a great heat conductor. This means metal typically gets hot in the sun, and it can become cold in winter months. Remember when Flick got his tongue stuck on the flagpole in A Christmas Story? Contrary to belief, metal roofing is a popular roofing material to help maintain heating and cooling costs in the home. Instead of absorbing heat, metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays. The coatings on a metal roof make the roof cool to the touch—even in the heat of summer! Up to 83% of the rays are reflected, and a metal roof can reduce your heating and cooling costs up to 10-20%.

2. Metal roofs are expensive and out of my budget

Metal Roof Misconceptions number 2 is that they are more expensive upon initial installation compared to asphalt shingles. However, homeowners should consider the longevity of the two roofing systems. Asphalt shingle roofs need to be replaced every 20 years with upkeep over time. Metal roofs will last 40+ years with minimal maintenance. The upfront cost of metal roofing is an investment, but you will save tons in the long run! Due to the upfront cost being higher than other roofing maters, homeowners will throw out the idea of a metal roof. Don’t rule out a metal roof yet! Did you know that we offer budgeting plans? We take 12-month financing, same as cash.

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3. Metal Roofs are prone to rusting.

Homeowners are concerned their metal roof will experience rusting overtime. Steel does rust; however, when it’s coated in a galvanized or Galvalume substrate—rust isn’t an issue!  Of course, we cannot speak for the integrity of all metal supply shops. That being said, we’re more than happy to educate customers about our products! Wagner roofing panels are already galvanized or coated in galvalume before you purchase your panels. Our metal panels are also coated with the top-rated exterior paint coating system—WeatherXL™ by Sherwin Williams. Our paint warranty guarantees your metal roof will not rust, fade, or crack for 40 years! Rusting will only occur after the evolved lifespan of your metal roof.

4. Metal roofs have limited design options

This common misconception about metal roofs is false! Between panel design, color choice, and finish, there are many design options to choose from with metal roofing. To begin, Wagner offers two different panel designs. If you’re searching for a seamless roof with concealed fasteners, we recommend our standing seam panel—DuraLoc-16™. If you’re searching for a low profile traditional metal panel, we recommend our DuraFast™ AG panel.   

Sherwin Williams Weather XL™

The Sherwin Williams Weather XL™ color line displays 20 different colors ranging in vibrant, neutral, and unique shades. Along with the color selection, you can get the panels in a glossy or crinkle coat. The glossy finish creates a beautiful sheen on the roof. The crinkle coat gives the panel texture and appears to look like a matte finish depending on how the light reflects. Metal roofing isn’t created with basic metallic colors anymore.  The design options are endless!

Metal roof vs Mother nature
Metal Roof vs Mother Nature

5. Metal roofs cannot withstand Mother Nature

Metal is malleable, but a metal roofing material is one of the most durable products to withstand Mother Nature. Through wind, rain, hail, snow, extreme heat, and more, metal roofs have been proven to perform above traditional roofing materials. Some homeowners believe a metal roof attracts lightning.

This is another leading misconception about metal roofs. Metal roofs are just as attracted to lightning as a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Although unlikely, if the roof would get struck by lightning, the roof is non-combustible! Your roof will act as a barrier between you and the elements. Lighting would penetrate through the surface of an asphalt roof and most likely catch fire in the attic. A metal roof would act as an umbrella to lightning. It would hit the surface and then travel straight to the ground. No need to worry!

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