Rustic Chic Makeover

Rustic chic home design is all about creating a space of comfort, character, and a touch of modern style. As contradictory as it sounds, it may be difficult to achieve an effortless look. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to a cozy home in no time! Rustic chic falls in the middle of rustic vintage character with a modern design twist. This design trend is for homeowners wanting to incorporate vintage elements into the home, doubled with a welcoming cozy appeal. How can you achieve both cohesively throughout the home? Here are some great ways to incorporate rustic designs while remaining trendy as well!

Paint choice

The paint color of a room has the power to transform the whole aesthetic of the space. In the past, the wall color was the star of the show. All the design elements revolved around wall color. Warm classic colors such as red, yellow, and brown were painted on walls in years past to achieve the rustic trend. Now, the star of a show is the subtle design elements distributed throughout the room. When incorporating modern design elements, homeowners are now choosing neutral paint colors to brighten up the home. This design trend is all about smooth and effortless contrast. Neutral earth tones such as light grey, eggshell white, and taupe are wonderful wall colors to brighten up the space. Painting the trim and crown mold with a stark white will make the subtle wall color pop even more!

Highlight original raw features of the home

Rustic chic is all about incorporating the original character of the home with a modern twist. Keeping the original features of the home will give your living space character. Brick fireplaces are timeless elements in a home. It’s understandable if the original red brick doesn’t match your color palette. You can always do a light whitewash over the original brick to make the fireplace your own style!

Another original element typically found within homes is intricate woodwork. Original woodwork is beautiful throughout the home, but if it doesn’t fit your aesthetic, there’s no reason you cannot revamp it! Deep warm stain tones such as cherry, golden oak, and mahogany can make the home feel dated. One of the top trends is sanding down the original woodwork and staining it with an updated tone. Modern stain colors typically try to lean toward the natural color of the wood or ashy tones. Keeping the original woodwork will provide a natural element to your home and continue to create a welcoming environment.


If you’ve researched rustic chic, I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous shiplap before! Shiplap is wooden boards installed strategically within the interior of the home—often creating an accent wall. Installing shiplap on your walls is a great technique to add character to your home within a space you want to highlight. Shiplap comes in a variety of colors. You can keep the shiplap its original wood tone or paint it whatever color you choose. Either way, installing shiplap is a great way to add texture and character to your home!


There’s no doubt wainscoting creates timeless character within a living space! Installing wainscoting became popular back in the 16th century. It was originally installed in homes to create additional insulation and moisture protection. Now, wainscoting is installed for decorative purposes. Installing wainscoting is a great way to incorporate historical classic features with a modern twist. With wainscoting, you need to be careful about how it’s styled. If not painted with a light color, the wainscoting can make the living space appear much smaller.

The finishing décor touches

Nothing pulls together a living space more than detail-oriented decorations! Décor transforms any living space unique to your style. 2020 is all about texture and contrast. Woven baskets are a great way to store items throughout the living space while remaining stylish. Arranging throw pillows is another creative way to play with textures and colors. As we add more cozy elements to the living space, consider adding an area rug over your hardwood floors. There are tons of rug designs out there that will match and accentuate all living spaces.

Another great décor tip to achieve the rustic chic trend, is incorporating industrial elements within the space. This could mean hanging an iron Roman numeral clock on the wall, incorporating Edison bulb light fixtures with glass globes, and including other architectural pieces. Your living space will be filled with contrast by combining metals, wood elements, and cozy features throughout the home.

How do you feel about the rustic chic design trend?

Everyone naturally has their own style and can follow their own unique trends. Rustic chic could be the ideal home design for some, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The art of interior design allows you to create a space unique to your personality and style. Trends in interior design simply serve as an inspiration to make your living space special to you. Incorporating rustic chic design elements will help you discover the raw original character of your home and how to personalize it to your preference!