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No matter where you live, storm damage to your roof is one of a home or business owner’s worst fears. It might be as simple as a few missing shingles or as overwhelming as a tree crashing into your roof. Your home can be subjected to tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, wind, and rain, all of […]

What is a home without a roof? It keeps your family safe by offering protection from the elements and providing comfort every day. A well-maintained structure can give you years of security. But even with the best of care harsh weather and age can prove to have detrimental effects. Even minor damage left untreated can […]

The metal roofing price tag can be intimidating at first glance—however, don’t let it turn you away! Metal roofs are a sought-after feature on a home for various reasons. The initial price tag may ring in higher than other materials, but it’s easily justified with all the accompanying benefits. Compare the concept to jewelry. Gold plated jewelry and authentic gold jewelry look like similar quality upon initial glance. However, the inexpensive gold-plated jewelry will not compete with the true gold in the long run. The same concept applies to roofing materials. Budgeting for a high-quality metal roof will give immediate and long-term gratification. Many are turned away from installing a metal roof due to the price tag being higher than other materials. It’s a long-term investment in which homeowners will love for years! Continue reading to learn exactly what the metal roofing price reflects.

Finding a good roofing contractor can be hard, whether you need repairs due to damages or have simply decided it is time to replace the whole thing. Because a new roof can be a large expense, you want to make sure you are working with a contractor that will do the job right and have […]