A Close-Up Look at the New Timberline Ultra HDZ Shingles

Roofing isn’t generally something people think about until there’s a problem. Even then, your concern is rightly focused on fixing the problem more than the process behind it. Because of this, it can be easy to miss new developments in your options for stronger, longer-lasting roofing materials. Thats alright. It’s up to roofing professionals, like the ones here at Wagner, to do the research and keep up to date so we can provide you with the best information possible.

Master Elite Contractors

Our Wagner team is comprised of experienced GAF Master Elite contractors. Their Master Elite certification program ensures that they work with professional roofing contractors who understand the product and can be relied on to uphold the Master Elite standards. Only 2% of companies qualify for certification. This status gives Wagner access to the GAF lineup of quality roofing materials.

Timberline Ultra HDZ Shingles

We discussed the basic composition of most shingles in our Best Roofing Materials blog. GAF takes this to the next level with its newest product, the Timberline UHDZ laminate shingle. Laminate shingles are stronger and denser than their asphalt counterparts, and are highly water resistant, helping to prevent damage to your property.

This new line is expertly designed, utilizing a Dual Grip adhesive which reduces the risk of your shingles getting blown off by high winds or mild collisions with debris. Timberline UHDZ laminate shingles are Class A rated for fire safety. This means that the material was tested for the following three qualifiers and passed.

  • flame penetration through the roof covering the attic space
  • flame spread over the surface of the roof covering
  • the propensity for the roof covering to become dislodged and generate embers

Take a closer look at the Timberline UHDZ shingles for yourself.

GAF Timberline HDZ and Timberline UHDZ comparison

With the durability and safety of this product assured, you can turn your attention towards the aesthetic superiority that the Timberline UHDZ shingles will add to your home. This new line comes in a variety of colors and utilized Dual Shadow Line technology for a bolder, richer look. Our Timberline UHDZ shingles support a 30-year Stainguard Plus Pro™ limited warranty which helps protect against blue-green algae discoloration. If you chose to use an experienced contractor, like Wagner, we can make sure that your installation meets the requirements to qualify for a Lifetime Limited Warranty, giving you extra protection and security.

Let’s learn more about the Warranties available for this line.