Meet the Wagner Family

Meet the Wagner Family: Brett, Kacy, Haven and Henley. Brett and Kacy met when they were in elementary school and have now been married for 10 years. They were both born and raised in Oakwood, OH, and they still reside there today. Brett has been a long time entrepreneur, starting his first business venture at 8 yrs old, a worm farm. He dug up worms in ditches and sold them to local gas stations. In between then and now, there have been multiple ventures, but from the age of 15, construction has always been his passion. He went from the cleanup guy, to foreman, to production, to safety and finally the sales manager. Brett started Wagner Metals Roofing & Remodeling 10 years ago in a shop out in Convoy, OH. Kacy graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Community Services. Kacy is a dedicated mother, wife, and mentor to many. Kacy works for her family’s business as an HR Manager. Haven and Henley are fraternal twins who are energetic and full of life. Regardless of their twin status, they are polar opposites. Haven is the more adventurous daughter, Henley is more cautious, although both princesses in their own right. As a family, they enjoy traveling, spending time at the lake, art projects, dancing to country music, cooking together, putting makeup on Mom and Dad, laughing and loving life. Brett and Kacy enjoy teaching them to be adventurous, explore life, how to be independent, how to be kind, how to work as a team, and that with the right mindset and work ethic, anything is possible and never give up on anything. Spending time outside during all seasons is a favorite, and they recently taught the girls how to drive their very own miniature snowmobile. Between Kacy’s role as an HR Manager and Brett’s role as a business entrepreneur, there’s a lot of different life lessons that they work to instill in their daughters. Brett and Kacy believe in setting a good example for their daughters when it comes to marriage, family, work ethic, and how to be successful and never give up. It’s never easy, but always worth the work.