Why Shop Local For a Pole Barn Kit

Shop local! Businesses in the community will thank you for it. Our country is currently undergoing some serious economic damage due to COVID-19. These economic heartaches are impacting local businesses more than anything. The CDC is beginning to lift restrictions, but local businesses have taken a tremendous impact. Luckily, construction companies are deemed essential and can continue providing services. You can purchase a pole barn kit virtually anywhere on the internet or in stores, so why choose a local business? When shopping locally, you are strengthening your local economy. Of course, the choice is yours to make. Take these thoughts into consideration before going straight to a big-box retail store for your needs.

Shop Local—Customer Service

  • Retail Customer Service

Think about every time you have gone to a retail store to purchase materials for your upcoming projects. Think about the customer service you experienced. Chances are, the most interaction with an employee you’ve had is when you’re checking out with the cashier. Your five-minute transaction could have been good, bad, or neutral. Experiences at retail stores are usually forgettable. When you choose to take your services locally, the experience is much different.

  • Local Business Customer Service

Your experience will be personal when you purchase locally. To begin, local employees are highly educated in their field. Their business was built upon many years of devotion, dedication, and passion. Local professionals truly desire to create a pleasing experience for their customers. You’re speaking with experienced metal manufacturers when you purchase a pole barn kit from Wagner. These experts will provide honest and trustworthy advice with your best interest in mind. Local businesses are built upon the impressions of the community, so excellent customer service will always remain a priority.

Shop Local—Customer Education and Material Quality

  • Customer Education

Local businesses are prized on the quality of their materials. With complete transparency, customers can visit the Wagner shop to physically witness how metal panels are roll-formed. You cannot experience this transparency with a big-box retail store. Wagner is happy to provide you with thorough information! It’s important to a local business that their clientele is informed. We provide details about our metal manufacturing systems all the way down to the coating system applied to the coils. The guesswork of researching is taken out when shopping locally! We are always available to answer questions about our materials as well.

  • Material Quality

Everyone is human, and mistakes happen from time to time. How these issues are resolved from retail to local businesses differ. Shopping local has its perks. You can put a face to a product when you shop locally with direct communication. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a pole barn kit, something comes out incorrect, and then you have to deal with someone uneducated about metal manufacturing at a retail store. Not only is this extremely frustrating, but you also have no idea how helpful the customer service experience will be. Material quality and customer service at Wagner make it a priority that your materials are exactly what you ordered.

Shop Local—Know Where your Money Goes

You can strengthen the community’s economy when you shop local. It goes beyond creating jobs in the community. Local businesses are often sponsors of youth sporting teams, charity events, and fundraisers. Local businesses are responsible for paying city taxes; therefore, their money is going straight into the community.  Shopping local contributes to city schools, fire departments, city improvements, and other resourceful funds to be distributed throughout the community. In times like this—it’s important to shop local now more than ever before!.