Window Replacements Adding to Home Value

Window replacements are often a necessary home improvement needed after years of wear and tear. However, did you know replacing your windows can increase the overall value of your home? A simple window replacement will increase the curbside appeal of your home and the general quality of energy-efficiency. These qualities are quite sought after by potential homebuyers. A LifeTite window replacement is both energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners should not have to sacrifice the economic qualities of a product for aesthetic purposes.  Our product functions with an eco-friendly objective while looking fantastic years to come. Do you want to know the exact financial impact window replacements have on your home? First, let us explain the logistics behind how replacing windows leads to fresh curbside appeal—which increases home value.

Window Replacements Increase Curbside Appeal & Home Value

To begin, think of this hypothetical situation of purchasing a home. Two homes are the same; however, one of the homes has visibly outdated windows. The other home has recently updated windows.  All other qualities of the homes are the same. Obviously, homebuyers are more attracted to the home with updated windows. What if I told you the homebuyer would be paying 25% more for the house with the updated windows rather than the house with the outdated windows? Replacing your windows may be the last task on your list, but you can certainly reap the benefits. Buyers recognize the aesthetically pleasing sight of new windows. They know—just by the curbside appeal—they will not have to worry about replacing them for years to come. Outdated windows are easily spotted. This alone will cause potential homebuyers to counter offer much less than your asking price of the home.

Window Replacements Reap Energy-Efficient Benefits

Like curbside appeal, potential homebuyers are attracted to an energy-efficient home. Eco-friendly elements can be implemented throughout the home to save the homeowner on costs. Metal roofing, metal siding, eco-friendly appliances, and updated windows are all energy-efficient perks potential homebuyers look for. Incorporating these energy-efficient elements will make your home more marketable to the masses while increasing the value of your home as well. Buyers do not mind paying the extra dollars because they know they will reap the benefits of energy-efficiency for years. And another point to add—they know they will not have to fork out the given expenses once they purchase the home.

Finding the Perfect Company for Window Replacements

Replacing your old windows will add curbside appeal and energy-efficiency to your home—consequently, adding value as well. The benefits are fantastic, but customers need to keep this thought in mind. New windows will not deliver on their incredible expectations if they are installed poorly. When replacing your windows, you need to ensure the company you hire for the job is credible. Make sure you can check off each of these characteristics in the window company you choose to do business with.

  • Trustworthy and established
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Insured
  • Dependable product warranty
  • A company that stands by their work and the satisfaction of their customers

LifeTite has all the desired qualities for the perfect window company. Are you interested in adding value to your home by replacing your windows? LifeTite is the ideal window solution company for you! Our product line ranges from standard to luxury models—covering all the wants and needs of each customer. Call LifeTite today for your free consultation to begin your window replacement process.