Winterizing Your Roof

Winter is just around the corner. The 2022 Farmer’s Almanac predicts a colder-than-average temperature across the US with “unseasonably cold and snowy” conditions in the Midwest. With that in mind, making sure your roof is properly winterized is essential to your family’s comfort and stability. Here are some steps you can take as a homeowner that will help.

Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters lead to bigger problems that should be handled when winterizing your roof
Clogged gutters lead to bigger problems

The autumn foliage is beautiful to behold but left uncleared it can clog up your gutters and lead to bigger problems down the road. Clearing away this debris helps melting snow drain properly and prevents moisture from getting up into your roofing and causing further damage. This is a simple step towards winterizing that most homeowners can take on themselves, helping to mitigate costs.

Remove Overhanging Tree Branches

Heavy snow and ice add weight that can weaken tree branches. Harsh winter storms can break already insecure branches and bring them crashing down onto your roof. If you can, remove these potential hazards before they become a problem to help keep your home safe in the coming cold season. If not, contact a tree removal service in your area to help ensure your roof’s long life.

Check for Signs of Damage

Roofing damage is a warning sign you should check for when winterizing your roof.
Roofing damage is a warning sign

As part of winterizing, check your interior and exterior roofing for any signs of damage. Leaks, mold, broken beams, or lack of ventilation can all be warning signs. If you need help knowing what damage to look for, check out our article on the most common types of roofing damage to give you a head start. If you see any troubling signs, contact us so we can help get your home winterized before the first snow starts.

Inspect your Caulking and Flashing

Your caulking (or sealant) is applied to roofs to help protect them against the weather. Flashing is galvanized steel that is used to direct water away from critical areas of the roof. If your caulking has begun to break down or your flashing is no longer doing its job this could put your roof at a much higher risk of damage during the winter. Contact us right away so we can schedule an inspection to fully address your concerns.

Prepare for Snow Removal

Snow and ice removal can help prevent roofing damage.
Snow and ice removal can help prevent roofing damage.

Even with all these steps behind you, make plans now to remove heavy snow and ice from your roof over the next few months. The longer it sits up there the more damage it stands to do to your home leading to costly repairs for a homeowner. Check your area for clean-up services as part of your winterizing effort to help mitigate roofing issues down the line.

Some of these steps are simple troubleshooting tasks that you, as an individual homeowner, can take care of all on your own. Others require a more professional assessment to feel secure. Let us here at Wagner be your partner in keeping your family safe and warm this winter season.