Installing Metal Roof Panels Over Shingles

Installing Metal Roof Panels over shingles can be a possibility for you under the right circumstances. Metal Roof Panels is an incredibly unique roofing solution. Unlike other roofing materials, it is incredibly durable and lightweight. This allows for the opportunity to layer a metal roof over existing shingles. Before your dead set on doing this yourself—there are some considerations to keep in mind. Most of the time, laying a metal roof on top of shingles is not an issue.  However, this application cannot be done in every case. Continue reading to see if this construction could be a possibility for you!

Metal Roof Panels Over Shingles—Can it be Done?

The answer is yes! Many customers inquire about this installation because its less time consuming, less labor, and it saves a little bit of money. It also technically adds an extra layer of insulation to the roofing system.  Asphalt shingles are roughly four times heavier than Metal Roof Panels. Metal Roof Panels are extremely lightweight, and they have no problem attaching to the previous roof. Metal Roof Panels can be installed over asphalt shingles; however, not every house is a good candidate for this installation. Not all customers decide to install a metal roof because their current roof needs a replacement. Some customers simply love the look and long-term benefits of a metal roof, and they want to have one of their own. The application for putting metal panels over shingles should be done on a roof that has no existing problems.

Metal Roof Panels Over Shingles—Check your Roof Decking

To begin, a contractor will analyze the condition of your roof decking before installing a Metal Roof Panels system over shingles. We encourage customers to think about the current age of your roof. Remember, Metal Roof Panels systems will not need replacing for 40+ years. If your roof is already 15 years old, there may be some underlying damage to the decking. These previous issues to the decking will not allow the Metal Roof Panels system to last to its full potential. If the entire roof decking is in good condition—you will not have to worry about taking off shingles. Parts of the roof decking can be replaced if needed. However, you will have to peel back the shingles in that spot to do so.  If you want to follow through with this method of installation, a contractor will give your roof a professional inspection. From there, they will determine if it is possible. 

Building Codes for Metal Roof Panels Over Shingles

Determining the condition of your roof decking is not the only precaution to take before installing a metal roof over shingles. In any sort of construction, you want to ensure everything you do is code compliant. Check the building codes in your area to see if installing a metal roof over shingles is possible. Some building codes limit the number of roof layers that can be applied to a home. You may be required by code to peel off your shingles. If not, there should not be a reason you cannot install your metal roof over the previous one! Would you put Metal Roof Panels over shingles if you could?

F.A.Q About Installing Metal Roof Panels Over Shingles