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Each type of roofing has its pros and cons. When looking at the kind of roofing materials you want for your structure, it’s important to research the benefits, potential issues, and cost-effectiveness before settling on a decision. Be sure to speak to roofing contractors near you to make the best possible choice for your needs. […]

2021 metal roofing price projections help contractors determine how to move forward with estimates and building projects as the year progresses. So far, the year has been quite unpredictable! Wagner is here to inform customers and contractors about what is currently happening within the steel industry. From steel supply, price fluctuation, and the consumer market, all your answers will be found here. Any other year, we wouldn’t have issues determining where the price of steel should fall month after month. Living through the pandemic for over a year makes determining 2021 metal roofing price projections more difficult than ever before. Here is what we know.