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2021 metal roofing trends are beginning to develop. These trends will create inspiration over the winter to begin our exterior decorating in spring. Being quarantined for most of 2020 has inspired many to dive into various home renovations. Remodeling in 2021 is no exception! Each homeowner has their own sense of style, but trends can easily influence us in our creativity. Trends come and go; however, some remain timeless. In 2020 lighter colored roofs—such as light beige and taupe—were trending. What is in store for metal roofing in 2021? Continue reading to learn the predicted 2021 metal roofing trends to get you motivated for your next renovation!

Installing Metal Roof Panels over shingles can be a possibility for you under the right circumstances. Metal Roof Panels is an incredibly unique roofing solution. Unlike other roofing materials, it is incredibly durable and lightweight. This allows for the opportunity to layer a metal roof over existing shingles. Before your dead set on doing this yourself—there are some considerations to keep in mind. Most of the time, laying a metal roof on top of shingles is not an issue. However, this application cannot be done in every case. Continue reading to see if this construction could be a possibility for you!

Shop local! Businesses in the community will thank you for it. Our country is currently undergoing some serious economic damage due to COVID-19. These economic heartaches are impacting local businesses more than anything. The CDC is beginning to lift restrictions, but local businesses have taken a tremendous impact. Luckily, construction companies are deemed essential and can continue providing services. You can purchase a pole barn kit virtually anywhere on the internet or in stores, so why choose a local business? When shopping locally, you are strengthening your local economy. Of course, the choice is yours to make. Take these thoughts into consideration before going straight to a big-box retail store for your needs.

The metal roofing price tag can be intimidating at first glance—however, don’t let it turn you away! Metal roofs are a sought-after feature on a home for various reasons. The initial price tag may ring in higher than other materials, but it’s easily justified with all the accompanying benefits. Compare the concept to jewelry. Gold plated jewelry and authentic gold jewelry look like similar quality upon initial glance. However, the inexpensive gold-plated jewelry will not compete with the true gold in the long run. The same concept applies to roofing materials. Budgeting for a high-quality metal roof will give immediate and long-term gratification. Many are turned away from installing a metal roof due to the price tag being higher than other materials. It’s a long-term investment in which homeowners will love for years! Continue reading to learn exactly what the metal roofing price reflects.

Metal roofing condensation sounds like it would be self-explanatory, but there is more than meets the eye. When we discuss condensation on a metal roof—we are referencing the space between the roof decking and underneath the metal panels. Water droplets form on the windshield of our cars, windows, doors, etc., early in the morning as the sun rises. This is caused when the air reaches dew point temperature. This occurs when warm air reaches a cool surface. Condensation outside the roof is normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, condensation building beneath the metal roof is a huge concern. The everyday morning dew will eventually evaporate as the sun’s rays hit the surface. What happens when the condensation is trapped beneath the surface with nowhere to go? It certainly is not good news. Continue reading to learn how we as homeowners can detect, fix, and prevent metal roofing condensation.

A standing seam roof is a stunning feature on a home that will last for decades. You’ve heard of metal roofing before, but do you know all your panel design options? Customers have two panel designs to choose from at Wagner—traditional AG panels and standing seam panels. AG panels display a thicker profile with exposed fasteners. Standing seam panels have a low profile with concealed fasteners. For those who are turned away from traditional exposed fastener metal roofing systems—standing seam may be an option for you! Wagner manufactures the best metal roofing products in Ohio. Who better to trust with your standing seam roof? Continue reading to learn more about this exclusive panel design.

A metal roof lifespan typically carries a 40-year warranty, but some can stretch to a lifespan of 70 years! Incredible longevity is one of the sought after characteristics of metal roofing. This attribute is why this roofing application is often referred to as a lifetime roofing solution. Like your body—the more you take care of the roof, the better it will function and last over the years. You’ve just invested your hard-earned money into a lifetime metal roofing system. Do whatever it takes to extend the lifespan to its full capacity! The upkeep of a metal roof is quite simple. Taking proper care of your metal roof over the years will truly pay off. Follow these regular practices to preserve and protect your roof for years to come.

As we approach the cooler months, it’s about time to clean your metal roof. Metal roofs are known for having low maintenance qualities. Low maintenance doesn’t mean complete neglect of maintenance! Metal roofs will last 40 years or more when taken care of properly. Keeping up with proper maintenance will allow your roof to last all the years of its expectancy. It’s recommended to clean your roof at least once annually to avoid premature deterioration. How do you begin cleaning your metal roof? Follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to a clean roof!

The history of metal roofing began long ago. Metal roofing has come a long way from when it was first invented. The evolution of metal roofing has transformed the way panels are created, how they are coated, how they are installed, and the way they perform. Homeowners are continuously choosing metal roofs for their home for all the wonderful benefits—energy-efficiency, vibrant colors, sustainability, and durability. The history of metal roofing paved a path for metal manufactures to create one of the best roofing materials on the market. Without the metal roofing trailblazers, we may not have the incredible roofing system available to us today! Let’s take it back to where the history of metal roofing began.